Our solutions for education


Our solutions enable to proceed with a discussion with the pedagogic team, in order to:

  • Select and compose "Whole Brain" juries
  • Elaborate evaluation charts that take into account more "Whole Brained" aspects.
Integration of new promotions

The HBDI® will enable you to establish clear academic goals in the program of integration seminars, such as:

  • Learn how to communicate,
  • Get to know oneself better,
  • Build working groups during communication and creativity classes, to guide the students during their studies and to help them choose their major,
  • Work on the concept of an effective team.
Development of a personal and professional project

This becomes increasingly important in most graduate schools. As a matter of fact, engineering schools are particularly sensitive to the problem: engineers must always maintain their level of knowledge against an ever changing technology.
The HBDI® is then used in the thinking about the topic "what will I do in 10 years?" It enables students to prepare for their internship and enter their professional life.
The approach can be used to help students think about their learning styles and develop a career plan. The discovery of their learning styles has two objectives:

  • Understand that there are specific methods to help control some learning aspects.
  • Reverse the customer / supplier relationship with the teacher; the second point is not neutral and has a direct impact on teacher practices.
The HBDI® is used to identify the students’ thinking styles and to build a personal development programme that enables acquisition of specific methods to learn faster and better: memory, writing, note taking, and so on.