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HBDI Junior®

Our solutions for organisations

To develop your company’s "Whole Brain", we propose you an original way which enables you to compose yourself your training program depending on your company needs.
A training program includes:


For your colleagues

Whole Brain Thinking® Series
  • Manage your personal and professional trajectory
  • Mobilize all your intelligence to better communicate
  • Manage mobility: Snapshot
  • Whole Brain Coaching

For your teams

Whole Brain Management® Series
  • Managers: achieve your recruitment
  • Team cohesion/Team building: develop a collaborative work
  • Managers: conduct your professional interviews
  • The manager role and management styles
  • Valorize your colleagues
  • Delegate efficiently

For your organization

Thinking About Business Series
  • Whole brain pedagogy
  • Valorize and manage diversity
  • Creativity: think outside the framework
  • Manage innovation

For your customer relationship

Whole Brain Selling Series
  • Colour your Customers
  • Selling, an intelligent business: Whole Brain arguments
  • Negotiation