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Herrmann International Europe

Based around Paris, Herrmann International Europe is one of the three worldwide centers of Herrmann International’s network, with the United States and Australia. Herrmann International Europe has developed a European network of certified practitioners and specialists of human resources development.
Herrmann International Europe is run by Lionel Marc Vuillemin, sociologist and expert at delivering in-house training. Since 1986, in France and Europe, over 500 000 persons have experimented, personally or professionally, the relevance and originality of Herrmann approach and tools.

A network of over 2000 Herrmann Certified Practitioners in Europe

The Herrmann International Europe network is now composed of over 2000 certified practitioners, who are expert in professional training, consulting and personal development. These experts have decided to develop specific applications from the Whole Brain model® and to use the tools created by Herrmann International for their respective services: consulting and training in business strategy, Human resources management, Recruitment, Sale, Communication, Marketing, Creativity, Innovation...
Please contact us if you would like to be introduced to one of them in your area.

An international network

The HBDI®, a multilingual diagnostic tool, exists in 19 different languages. Every 10 minutes, an HBDI® profile (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument®) is processed somewhere in the world and imported in a common database of more than one million HBDI® profiles...